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Departing from the Hotel Le Christina in La Baule, explore the Guérande peninsula, its cultural riches and specialities .

La Turballe

Hotel le ChristinaHotel le ChristinaHotel le Christina

A fishing town...

Fishing is the main activity on the Guérande peninsula - La Turballe and Le Croisic being two of the best ambassadors.

Discover the port at La Turballe, its colourful fishing fleet, fish market and fishermen.

La Turballe specialises in fishing for sardines and anchovies.  Seabass, tuna and hake are also caught here.

Early risers can watch the fishing boats bringing their catch into the port in the early hours of the morning and the sale of their catch at the market.  In the heart of the "centre marée" you can take a closer look at the fish caught and learn about the fish auction.

You can also visit the restored sardine boat "Au Gré des Vents" and discover the fishing tools and techniques, the different cabins and tasks carried out on board.