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Departing from the Hotel Le Christina in La Baule, explore the Guérande peninsula, its cultural riches and specialities .

Gastronomy on the Guérande peninsula

Hotel le ChristinaHotel le ChristinaHotel le Christina

Down the road to pleasure...

Gourmet enthusiasts will delight in the long list of local produce and specialities.

Savoury dishes: seabass en croûte with sea from Guérande, salt, "fleur de sel", red meat from Brière.  The sea also offers plenty of flavours such as mussels from Pénestin, cockles and prawns from Le Croisic, sardines and anchovies from La Turballe and oysters from Mesquer.

Sweet dishes: salted butter toffee, 'niniches" biscuits from Saint Guénolé and macaroons.

The numerous lively, colourful markets on the Guérande peninsula are the best places to discover seafood and other local specialities.