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Departing from the Hotel Le Christina in La Baule, explore the Guérande peninsula, its cultural riches and specialities .


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Guérande, a medieval town...

Plunge into the medieval town of Guérande which boasts 1 400m long ramparts, an historic town centre with old houses and quaint boutiques from yesteryear.  Take a step back to the Middle Ages.

The Saint Aubin collegiate church and villages of salt workers nearby are also worth a visit.

You can enjoy exploring this fortified town listed a "Town of art and history" and follow in the footsteps of great writers such as Balzac, Apollinaire, Zola…

You can also visit the salt marshes, a unique, outstanding environment created by man like the salt that has been produced here since the Roman period.

Guérande's sea salt is unique in that it is unwashed, unrefined and additive-free and is one of the finest harvested in the world.  The finer “fleur de sel” is used by great chefs and is known as "white gold" by many.